Australian Visa for Refugee

Australia is one of the top developed country which has around 25,704,340 population and their official language is English.

Its largest city is Sydney, with a population of 4,627,345 people, 2nd is Melbourne

Name2021 Population

There are some interesting fact about Australia which differentiate this country to others

  1. The Island of Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world which around 1 – third of the state is park
  2. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world
  3. Melbourne is the 2nd favorite city for International student

Most of population of this country are the past refugee from another countries.

This country offer 15000 Humanitarian visa each year which around 3000 visa is will be grant for Afghanistan People.

If you want to migrate to Australia there are many options

  1. Refugee Visa
    1. Benefit of this visa :
      • This visa allow you and your immediate family like ( wife / husband , children under 18 years old ) to live in Australia permanently
      • You and your family can work
      • You and your family can study in Australia
      • You and your family can use from Medical Care
      • Australian Government will pay all your travel expenses and other costs before you arrive in Australia
    1. Who can apply to this visa :
      • You have to be outside of Australia
      • You have be to refugee and be referred to Australia by United nation high commissioner for Refugee
    1. How much time it will take to be processed?     
      • Its not clear and it depend to you case , your submitted documents and evidence and vary from many months or even years
  2. Refugee visa sub classes  
    1. Subclass 200
    2. Sub class 201
    3. Subclass 203
    4. Sub class 204

Note : We will upload complete information in Persian and Pashto Soon .

4 thoughts on “Australian Visa for Refugee

  1. I want to come canada because afghanistan is not safe for me now i am in turkey and we have tomuch problems in turkey

  2. Hello, my name is Mahdi from AfghanistanI have been in Turkey for about a year I am 19 years old and my parents diedI have no evidence whether there is any hope. Thankful

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