Complete information of DV lottery 2023 , Green Card

Dv lottery or the Diversity Visa is an special program to allow up to 55000 persons from all over the world to the United stare of America  this program is called dv lottery because the winners are selected randomly among the whole applicants which are around 10 to 12 million people since 1994  .

The United States is one of the top country to offer different visa for those who seeking to migrate.

Every year around 12 million people are applying to this program so for this reason there are many fake and scam website to collect information of the people and want their card information and ask to pay . so be careful to not submit  or share your information through Facebook page’s what’s app, or any fake website .

The one and official website of the DV lottery is which is ended by state and Gov which shows its belong to government.

You can apply to this visa program completely free and  no need to add your master card or visa card or pay a fee .

Am I eligible to this Visa ?

Almost every one are eligible to apply the Green card  the requirement are listed below :

  1. You should have education  or working experiences
    1. Education :
      1. High school degree  
      1. University degree

Note : if you don’t have any education background do not worry still you are eligible if you have 2 years work experience in last 5 years .  

  • Citizen of all countries can apply to this dv program except some countries which are not eligible like :  Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, and Peru

Which documents are required:

  1. Photo
  2. Passport

Which photo is acceptable?

  • You background should be white
  • Should not wear glass or cover your head .
  • Photo size : 51x51mm
  • Resolution :  600×600 pixels / 300 dpi
  • File format : Jpg

Note : you can check your photo by this website

  2. ( this website is not official )

Important point :

You can apply with your  immediate family if you are married in one application .

Immediate family : husband / wife ,  all children under 21 years .

 Apply now :

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    1. hi dear sadat , you can send an email to Canada immigration department , but officially they did not announce the application process

  1. Hello, I am now in the 12th grade. One and a half months left to graduate from the 12th grade school. I am from Afghanistan.

  2. Hi, I am Shahram, now I am a 12th grade student, one and a half months left to graduate from 12th grade, I am from Afghanistan

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