Critical Tips for the TOEFL

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Critical Tips for the TOEFL

Before the Test:

Most of the students deeply concentrate on their academic preparation right some days before the test, but the following tips are recommended for them. If they track them, it will definitely affect on their score and they will genuinely perform better on the test.

  • Sleep well: If you do not get enough sleep, your brain won’t function really well, so make sure to get enough sleep every night for the last three or four nights before the test.
  • Exercise: Following a healthy exercise will decrease your stress and nervousness, so make sure to track it on a regular basis.
  • Eat well: Just as the brain doesn’t function properly without lack of sleep, it also doesn’t act satisfactorily without getting nourishment too. Do not use snack or food with high fat because they trigger more sleeplessness, but use food with low fat and high energy instead.
  • Study breaks: In the middle of your hours of studying, make sure to set a study break. For example, listening to a song you like, eating or drink something, or even chilling out sometimes can definitely prepare you for better performance on the test.
  • Practice for difficult situations: Before the test, try to get the habit of not losing your concentration in a loud and noisy environment because on the day of the test, there will be some noise of other students while they type or speak on the headphones.

On Test Day:

  • On the night before the test, give yourself a complete break and put your studying materials aside. On the test day, make sure to arrive early than due time to the test center and take two pencils with yourself for taking notes although some centers may provide with notebooks and pencils.You will be allowed to take your cell phones, laptops and suitcases into the test center.

Ways to Cancel Your Scores:

If you are not satisfied with the score you got, you may cancel your score, but you need to consider a few really important points before deciding to cancel it.

  • They will not pay your money back.
  • The score you have taken will not be reported anywhere including schools or universities.
  • You cannot cancel any specific part of the test.
  • Please check the following link for the current fees.

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