Free Online Course – Basic English

Free Online Course – Basic English 

– Free online course 

– Offered by: King’s College London which is supported by United Kingdom Aid 


– Duration of this course will be four weeks each day will be 1 hour 

English as a top international language is necessary for everyone to learn. 

By this free online course, you can increase and build your English Skills, and grow your listening ability to understand what speakers are saying easily. And become confident in your speaking; this course will cover listening and speaking. 

The benefit of this course: 

– Unlimited access to this online English courses 

– Access to all articles, video, and quizzes 

– Certificate (completion certificate ) 

– Fully free access. 

What will you learn?

  • How to introduce yourself 
  • How you are feelings 
  • Asking basic questions from your friend, family, and teachers. 
  • Taking about yourself, your family and your future plan
  • Taking about what jobs and work 
  • Talking about what you do you like
  • Talking about your free times and your hobbies 

When this course Start: 

This course is running multiple times, so it’s your choice when do you want to start. The below lists are the timing, which this course will start : 

– Available now 

– 6th June 2020

– 5th October 2020

– 4th January 2021

– 5th April 2021

Who will be your teachers: 

  1. Jessica CooperMoia Rowsome


You can apply and register to this free course by creating an account on futureLearn website, then follow your course 


For more information please visit to the official website

54 thoughts on “Free Online Course – Basic English

  1. I am very happy to join with you and learn new things through this best channel.
    best regards.

  2. Hello sir hope your doing alright and sfae from corona.
    I would like to start this 4 weeks term
    Plz join me in your site i will be on online on time


  3. I like to join this english course in order to increase my knowledge and skill which are critical for me to acquire them before starting my professional life. As a student, having good skills in English language will enable me to find new job easily. So its a big opportunity for me to join This English course in order to increase my knowledge and skills which will vastly benefit me in the future.
    As a highly passionate student who is willing to increase her knowledge and skills, i would highly appreciate if you give me this opportunity to get one step closer to my dreams.

  4. I want to study English language for go to high level .
    With Best Regards
    Project Engineer in un-ahbitat

  5. Hi everyone !
    I would like to join this course
    Because i want to do something by English language thanks.
    I look forward to get positive response soon.

  6. Hi sir
    I cant speak english fast and easily and also my listening skill is not good , so i think this is a big chance for me to be with your professional team and learn english very better . So if you accept my applying, its unlikely to be of your favor, with respect .

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