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Level: Upper-Intermediate


Paraphrasing means rewriting a text in your own words and keep the original meaning of the text. This method helps the writers to avoid plagiarism, which is an illegal way of using others’ words. In some universities, this is a role that if any students plagiarize someone’s work without expressing the original writer’s name, he, first, receives a warning, but if he tries more, he would be driven out of that university. So one of the ways you can avoid plagiarism is paraphrasing.

For example:

Original sentence: In the time of your grandparents, there was the prospect of working a job from graduation until retirement.

Paraphrased sentence: Years ago, you could start working in one place and work there all your life.

How to paraphrase:

  • Read the text you are going to paraphrase carefully and make sure you understand it.
  • Go through a dictionary to find out the meaning of the words which are unknown to you.
  • Do not paraphrase word-by-word. Instead, paraphrase the idea of whether this idea is expressed in a sentence or several.
  • Do not look at the original text in which you are writing your own—paraphrasing—because you need to make sure you have got the idea, not that you only change the words into synonyms.
  • For using your own wording, you can alter the order of ideas as well.
  • Change the structure entirely not to be the same as the original one.
  • Once you are done with paraphrasing, you can compare with the original text to see if you have missed any parts or no.


  • The skills that you can learn today will be obsolete very soon.
  • Most people have to think of more than just one job.
  • Your boss would hire someone to do your job for less money.
  • Develop an independent skill and try to do it differently and better than others.
  • You need a partner who wants you to succeed.
  • Taking chances, being creative, thinking of solutions, and being tireless is what you need.
  • Working hard, dedication, commitment and socializing with people are the most important key to success.
  • Honest staffs, effective products, continuous commercial advertisements and great leadership and management are the key factors for a prosperous company.
  • As more teachers retire, there will not be enough teachers to replace them.
  • By the year 2022, half of the people in the world would be employed.

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