Positive Redundancy part 4

Skill: Vocabulary

Category: General English & Academic English

Level: Upper Intermediate

Positive Redundancy

Part Four

1- To decrease

Go down (phrasal verb) to decrease

Ex:The number of students went down due to a deficiency in the quality of curriculum.

Ex: As a result of striving, the complaints from customer went down by 60%.

Fall / drop (verb) to decrease by a large amount

Ex:In winter, the temperature drops to minus 25 degrees.  

Ex: The cost of printing machines fell from $ 450 to $ 405.

Plunge / plummet to decrease by a very large amount rapidly

Ex: Computer prices plunged 40 percent in less than a month.

Ex: Sales of Hawaii cell phones are plummeting.

Halve (Transitive Verb) to decrease by half.

Ex: He wishes that the number of crimes in their country halves by 2021.

Lower (Transitive Verb) to decrease the amount or level of something

Ex: Exercising is used to lower anxiety.

Ex: Colleges ought to lower the admission in order to attract more students.

Cut (Transitive Verb) to reduce prices, time, cost, and money usually by large amount.

Ex: The number of hours has been cut from 12 hours to 9 hours.

Ex: Colleges ought to lower the admission in order to attract more students.

Relieve / ease (Transitive Verb) to make pain or feelings less unpleasant

Ex:Drugs are used to relieve pain.

Ex: Making a compromise with other side eases tensions.

Alleviate (Transitive Verb) to make a problem less serious and to reduce suffering.

Ex:Regular exercises help you alleviate the problems in your bones.

Ex: Eating healthy food can help you to alleviate the symptoms of diseases.

2- Disagreeing  

Take issue with: strongly disagree with what someone has said.

Ex:I took issue with her over her the topic of education.

Ex: I feel that I should take issue with the essay you have written.

Dispute: to indicate that you believe something is not correct or true.

Ex:No one can dispute that problem exist.

Be divided / split: If the people in a group split or be divided on something, some of them have one opinion and others have different opinions about one issue.

Ex:Italian doctors remain deeply divided on the issue whether it should be legal for a physician to assist an ill patient to commit suicide.

Be mistaken: showing disagreement with others’ opinion on a topic and thinking their opinion is wrong.

Ex:Your perspective on this topic is seriously mistaken.

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