Positive Redundancy Part Five

Skill: Vocabulary

Category: General English & Academic English

Level: Upper-Intermediate

Positive Redundancy

Part Five

1- Emphasizing on important things

I would like to stress that: used to emphasize on important thing.

Ex:I would like to stress that the research on genius hasn’t finished yet.  

Ex: I would like to stress that he didn’t show up in the meeting even though he was supposed to.

It should be noted that: this phrase is mostly used in articles and essays to emphasize on an important issue

Ex: It should be noted that there is not only one method of teaching and learning that works for all.

It is worth bearing in mind that: this phrase is used to emphasize on something which is important to remember

Ex: It is worth bearing in mind that 50 % of the people in our country is under the poverty line.

Crucial (Adj): when something is crucial, it is extremely important

Ex: Factors such as determination, persistence and hardworking play a crucial role in being successful.

Ex: My college made a very crucial decision about resigning from the company.

Vital / Essential (Adjective): If something is vital, it is extremely important because without it there could be a serious trouble

Ex: It is essential that the meeting begin as soon as possible.

Emphasizing on one person or thing more than others

Especially / particularly:

Ex: There has been a big increase in vegetable consumption, particularly among sportsmen.

Ex: She has been interested in various sports, especially in football.

Notably: It is used especially when someone or something is as an example of something else.

Ex: For the past few years, corruption has been widely increased—notably in Afghanistan.

Ex: They have been recruiting new employees, most notably the experienced ones.

Above all: used to emphasize on something which is very important

Ex: When your father gets old, try to find out if he has any problems. Above all, show him that you really care and will offer any help or support he needs.

Most of all: more than anything or anyone else.

Ex: Japan had become an exporter of zinc, cotton and most of all silk.

Ex: I am interested in reading different books and most of all psychology books.

Most importantly / most significantly:

Ex: The year 2019 was one of the most effective years for me. Most significantly, I graduated from university and found a well-paid job for me.  

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