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Terms and Conditions

Before starting to use the https://toeflmaterial.com/, and its materials, you are required to review and read all its terms and conditions which have been prepared by toeflmaterial.com and confirm that you are happy with all the terms and conditions.

You agree to use the https://toeflmaterial.com/ website and its materials based on its conditions and make any compliance according to its terms and condition, which apply to anyone who uses the website. 

By confirming the terms and conditions, you are happy to use the website and its services within certain circumstances which has been conditioned by toeflmaterial.com for the users. If you are not satisfied with any of these terms and conditions, you can’t use the website or its services.

Links To Other Web Sites

Toeflmaterial.com may include and contain some other links to third-party web sites or services as the references and resources that have not owned by toeflmaterial.com. These links may help students with additional resources to overcome their problems. Therefore, toeflmaterial.com does not have control over or any responsibility for its contents, policies, terms and conditions or practices of any third party links and websites. So, by confirming our terms and conditions, you agree and ensure that toeflmaterial.com is not responsible or has no liabilities for any damage which may be caused by the third party websites and links or the contents which they provide. So to ensure you are safe of any damage or loss, we highly recommend you review and read the third-party websites’ terms and conditions before to make any use of them.

Governing law:

Our terms and conditions are based on the Australian government law. So based on Australian law, we ensure to be honest and save your confidentiality. In addition, we ensure to take constructive criticism very seriously and stop any racism and discrimination among users and students. 

Copy right terms and conditions:

Based on toeflmaterial.com, you can use all materials and contents which are available on the website, such as downloading, printing, saving for your self-studies, and preparation, but you can’t sell or republish them in the other places and websites. 

Copy right claim:

Anyone who claims that toeflmaterial.com has been contained copy right materials and contents,  please inform us by sending an email to info@toeflmaterial.com, and we ensure to delete them in 2-4 business days.


We have the right to bring any changes to our terms and conditions or modify and replace the terms and conditions. So, according to our policy and procedures, we are responsible for informing the users of any changes at least one month before the changes and their effects on the users.  By confirming our terms and conditions, you agree with the new circumstances of the new terms and conditions once they replaced. If you have any enquires in regards to the terms and conditions, please let us know by sending an email to info@toeflmaterial.com or you can stop to use the website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Terms, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will respond to your inquiries within 3-4 business days.