Skill/Category: Vocabulary

Level: Advanced

Target Audience: TOEFL Learners

With the development of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning), a lot of platforms and applications have been designed to facilitate learning. Moreover, they have had a significant role in the process of foreign language acquisition. These applications have been replaced with traditional methods of learning which accompany a generic feeling of boredom. Besides, these applications add elements of fun and involvement to the learning process through puzzles, games, and other challenging tasks. One of these applications is Memrise, which was created in 2010 and has quickly grown. More than 40 million people from various countries have been using it to learn different languages. This application focuses on a combination of memorizing techniques and entertaining materials, which makes language acquisition easy and funny.

How to use Memrise?

  1. An account should be created on memrise.com. It can be signed it through Facebook account. 
  2. There is an application available for android also iOS for the iPhone, which is necessary to be installed on your smartphone. 
  3. Upon opening the application, you will be asked to enter your username. 
  4. Choose a course in the language bar. There are 200 hundred language courses available. Once you have found your favorite course, click on ‘start learning.’ 
  5. Grow your vocabulary. As you practice the words by typing or multiple-choice questions, the words will be transferred to your long-term memory. 

In Memrise, there are a lot of vocabulary courses in English for different purposes. Moreover, abundance number courses can be found for different languages other than English. Thus, developing TOEFL vocabulary skills can be one of the most challenging parts of studying for the exam, but it’s also one of the most important. Many TOEFL questions either ask you the definition of a word or require you to know certain words to answer a question correctly. So 1212 Words You Need to Know to Pass TOEFL iBT is found to be of the most significant sources for TOEFL teachers and learners. These words are compiled from TPO, different TOEFL tests, and books, including Peterson’s Master TOEFL Vocabulary, Essential Words for the TOEFL, 400 Must-Have Words for the TOEFL. 

You can access to 11 practical and useful courses for Memrise application through the following links:

Download Memrise Application from Google Play.